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Sales & Lease


When it comes to sales and leasing, LCEM LTD has the best knowledge and skills in sales and leasing of real estate regardless of the type of property involved. We conduct research of the current market conditions and provide accurate information to clients. We pay strict attention to the details of the transaction, advocate on behalf of our client and successfully represent the position of our clients with the explicit understanding that the client’s interest always comes first.

Throughout our years of negotiating deals between property owners and tenants, we have gained a better understanding of commercial leasing, retail tenants of real estate. We understand the financial decisions that go into commercial, apartment leasing and sales, as well as managing future risk.

A property analysis is a great way for us at LCEM LTD to gain insight into the financial requirements and feasibility for both the landlords and tenants. We look at the condition of the property, the quality of the tenants that are currently occupying the property, the operating budgets and maintenance programs.